Cast Photos

I really must reiterate that I am unable to just take photos of cast members and put them up on the website. All of them have photo approval within their contracts and as DNA Films are very kindly allowing me to do this blog, I have to follow those rules. Even the snaps I took yesterday of Hiroyuki Sanada having birthday cake with Cliff Curtis and producer Andrew Macdonald have to go through the approval process…

There are several reasons for ‘approval’. One) if the whole entire world was going to see a photo of you, wouldn’t you want to be able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to it? Two) the publicity department need to make sure that I can actually use the photos – maybe a film magazine has bought one of the pictures of Chris Evans to use on the cover of their December issue and if I use it here right now, I’d mess the whole thing up. Three) there are loads of TV programmes that are going to do things on the film and, again, we have to make sure that someone hasn’t been promised ‘an exclusive’ that I’d completely mess up by posting a photo here.

I have, however, just spoken to Maya, my link to the distributers Fox Searchlight in LA, and told her that you guys really want some new photos of the cast members. So, don’t worry, we are working on it.

2014 Note: If there are any photos of cast members on posts earlier than this, they are a new addition and were not available on the original site.