MICHELLE_whiteInternational star Michelle Yeoh plays Corazon, the Biologist in charge of the Icarus II’s oxygen garden — the ship’s primary source of oxygen and fresh food.  “I almost want to say that Corazon is the luckiest crew member as she has the oxygen garden,” says Yeoh. “She just keeps on running her experiments and growing food.  But, of course, none of us are prepared for the tragic events that occur. This movie has turned out to be much more psychological and spiritual in a way. The crew is on a very intense journey. When you look out into space, what are you looking for? If you stare into the abyss long enough, you might lose your soul.”

“Reading the script I knew I wanted Michelle to be in the film,” Boyle explains.  “Before I’d seen CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, I’d seen her in TOMORROW NEVER DIES and I was completely captivated by her.  She takes the Bond Girl and inhabits it with her own individuality and identity and I loved her in it.”

“I always believe the director is the soul of a movie,” notes Yeoh.  “You may have a great script but if you don’t have a director with vision, you have an ordinary film.  Danny has that vision and is passionate and dynamic.  He is wonderful to work with and always surprises you.  He challenges you as you work together and he gives you a sense of doing something new, making you reach out for something that has not been done before.”