Top Secret

The note at the top of the daily call sheets:

…Note that no personal camera and camera/video phones are allowed on set. If any personnel are found in breach of their confidentiality undertaking or if they are found removing any part of the set/props/wardrobe or images thereof from the set that they are not authorised to remove, it can lead to dismissal.

As you would probably imagine there are a lot of things about this film that everyone wants to keep quiet- bits of the story, bits of the design, bits of the costume, bits of the sets. Everyone working on it knows the story and has seen the sets and the costumes and has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement so we’re all sworn to secrecy. I’m not *entirely* sure from day to day exactly what I can tell you about or what photos I can put up on the blog, so if one day I just disappear, you’ll know I overstepped the boundary…

Usually though everyone can come and go more or less as they please on the sets during filming. Danny prefers not to have extra cameras on set- he wants to make sure that the actors aren’t under any pressure or get distracted from their jobs- but he’s not bothered if we watch.

Today, however, it is a completely closed set. No cameras, no visitors, no non-essential crew. They are filming some of the most top secret bits of the film, the most exciting scenes and I can’t even go in to watch!

Instead, I’ve been bugging everyone to tell me what’s been going on. I was told that they were shooting a particular bit with two cameras from exactly the same angle. One of the cameras was shooting a typical Alwin Kuchler shot and the other was “unlike every other shot on this film. It was nothing special… just… normal.”

The most amazing and interesting news from today is not that they are filming the most important scene in the film… but that Alwin has shot a normal, average shot…