Terrifyingly Beautiful

I’ve just run back upstairs to my computer after watching one of the most incredible shots filmed so far. There were about eight of us standing around the monitor during the filming of a close-up of Hiroyuki Sanada’s big scene. We watched in stunned silence. Danny called ‘cut!’ and we all turned to look at each other in wide-eyed amazement. Danny asked to see it back and more people came to the monitor. Again everyone sat there, stunned… when the take finished there was a collective ‘that. was. unbelievable…’

As I was leaving the studio, all I could hear from everyone was ‘did you see that?!’ ‘amazing!’ ‘how did they do that?!’ ‘that was incredible!’ Everyone seemed as excited as I feel right now.

Hiro’s acting along with Alwin Kuchler’s camerawork, Reuben Garrett’s lighting and Danny Boyle’s direction has produced one of the most terrifyingly beautiful shots I’ve ever seen.

I genuinely cannot wait to see this film.

Note from 2014: The scene I’m talking about here was Kanada’s death