Behind The Scenes

Wind Reel and Print

Last Friday was the final day of filming for the main unit. The majority of the crew finished

“Capa flies backwards.”

Between the moment those three words came out of Alex Garland’s mind and the moment the resultant image

Set Graveyard

The end of principle photography is coming soon and already several of the main sets, including the Airlock

#0000FF #00FF00

One of the things that’s been perplexing me lately is this: Why sometimes blue screen, why sometimes green

Brand New Set

There is a new set in town, baby, and, boy, is it amazing! I only just saw it

A New Word

I’ve invented a new adjective. And I’m using it. suttirat (soo’-tir-at) adj 1. Passionately concerned with details. I’m

Stand In

It can take literally hours to light a scene. In order to light it properly one needs to

Open Up

I was working at my computer, headphones on, listening to my Sunshine playlist (Bob Marley ‘Sun Is Shining’),


When filming started way back in September, pretty much all of the men were clean-shaven. There was the

380 THz (3.8×10^14 hertz) to 750 THz (7.5×10^14 hertz)

I’ve written a bit about how Alwin Kuchler, the Director of Photography, is playing with light in just