Behind The Scenes

Chicken and Rice

I’ve never worked on a film before. Apart from the thrills I get from seeing Danny Boyle in

Celebration and Goodbye

Today is Hiroyuki Sanada’s birthday. 御誕生日おめでとう, Hiro! He wasn’t filming today, but arrived on set for a bit

How Do You Build A Spaceship?

First, you need to think about the purpose of the mission. Go. Then, you need to think about

Gonna Shine Like A Sunbeam

They’ve been filming in Stage A for the past several days. A lot of really important scenes happen

Twelve Minutes

Today, Chris Evans had a rehearsal with Julian Spencer the Stunts Coordinator. Julian has been coordinating fights and


Even though the set is closed to the likes of me this week, I got a chance to

Lord of Darkness

I might go on about Danny’s brilliance as a director and, yea, sure, I probably fawn over Alex

Icarus and the Gang

Today was the last time all the actors appear in a scene together. They only have about three

Craft Services

Mike and Andy from Natural Addiction are the heart and soul of this shoot. Everyone from Andrew the