Before filming on ‘Sunshine’ started over one year ago now, director Danny Boyle was keen to give the

New Video- Spacesuit

We’ve got an excellent new video all about the design of the Icarus II spacesuit. It features Suttirat

Sunshine Science

I’ve put up an interview with Dr. Brian Cox, ‘Sunshine’s’ Science Advisor at the end of this post.

“Capa flies backwards.”

Between the moment those three words came out of Alex Garland’s mind and the moment the resultant image

A New Word

I’ve invented a new adjective. And I’m using it. suttirat (soo’-tir-at) adj 1. Passionately concerned with details. I’m

Open Up

I was working at my computer, headphones on, listening to my Sunshine playlist (Bob Marley ‘Sun Is Shining’),

How Do You Build A Spaceship?

First, you need to think about the purpose of the mission. Go. Then, you need to think about

Troy Garity

I bumped into Troy Garity wandering around the lot today. I’ve only seen him once before when he


Last Friday the decision was made to re-shoot all of the Zero G stuff that had already been


They’re filming on the Airlock set today. I really love this set a lot. Even though it’s the