Happy Birthday Michelle Yeoh!

It’s Michelle Yeoh’s birthday on August 6th. To celebrate, I’ve got a lovely new photo of her from

Cillian Murphy

For those of you who may have missed it, the other week a new photo of Cillian Murphy

Chris Evans as Mace

Chris Evans plays Mace, the ship’s Engineer.

Cliff Curtis as Searle

Cliff Curtis plays the Icarus II’s Medical Officer, Searle.

Benedict Wong as Trey

Benedict Wong is the ship’s Navigation Officer, Trey.

Michelle Yeoh as Corazon

Michelle Yeoh plays Corazon, the Biologist in charge of the Icarus II’s oxygen garden.

Rose Byrne as Cassie

Rose Byrne plays Cassie, the Pilot of the Icarus II.

Hiroyuki Sanada as Kaneda

Hiroyuki Sanada is Captain Kaneda.

Troy Garity as Harvey

Troy Garity is the ship’s Communication Officer, Harvey.

Cillian Murphy as Capa

There’s a write-up about ‘..Sunshine..’ in the ‘Future Films’ section of this month’s Empire Magazine. It just came