Rose Byrne as Cassie

Rose Byrne plays Cassie, the Pilot of the Icarus II.

Hiroyuki Sanada as Kaneda

Hiroyuki Sanada is Captain Kaneda.

Troy Garity as Harvey

Troy Garity is the ship’s Communication Officer, Harvey.

Cillian Murphy as Capa

There’s a write-up about ‘..Sunshine..’ in the ‘Future Films’ section of this month’s Empire Magazine. It just came

Light, Love and the Lifecyle of A Star

In the beginning, it was hot. Really, really hot. You know how hot the inside of your oven

Wind Reel and Print

Last Friday was the final day of filming for the main unit. The majority of the crew finished

Hiroyuki Sanada, Chris Evans, Danny Boyle and Alwin Kuchler

Hey! I’ve just been given my first ‘official’ photo with actors in it to put up on the

“Capa flies backwards.”

Between the moment those three words came out of Alex Garland’s mind and the moment the resultant image

Set Graveyard

The end of principle photography is coming soon and already several of the main sets, including the Airlock

#0000FF #00FF00

One of the things that’s been perplexing me lately is this: Why sometimes blue screen, why sometimes green